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Dan Petkovsek

Powerful Athlete Training is a Toronto, ON, based training company – serving the GTA and surrounding areas. We provide professional training services, comprehensive sports performance programs, athlete development, personal training, and general fitness programs in Toronto.

Mission Statement: Provide professional training services. Demonstrate excellent value and customer service to our clients so that they may benefit from improved health and fitness, as well as improved sports performance.

We will work hard every day. You give us 100% – we’ll give back 110%.

Our fully equipped facilities are designed to ensure our athletes and clients have access to all the equipment necessary for them to reach their goals and surpass them. This includes:

» Certified Sports Conditioning Specialists, Certified Personal Trainers, Lifestyle Coaches, and Nutritionists.10834102_10203575046810522_165352287_n

» Warmup areas with foam rollers, yoga mats, stability balls, and an assortment of bands.

» Strength training section with barbells, power racks, dumbbells, benches, cable machines, specialized machines, kettlebells, medicine balls, tractor tires, and more.

» Speed and agility ladders, drill cones, plyo boxes.

» Conditioning/Bootcamp area with battle ropes, prowler sleds, dragging sleds, skipping ropes, sandbags and much more.

» Standardized treadmills, spin bikes, and other cardio equipment.

» Access to outdoor training space for wind sprints, tire flips, sleds, skipping, and group fitness.

We specialize with athletes but we are not limited to that clientele. We work with general fitness enthusiasts, business executives, and anyone willing to commit them self to improving their lifestyle through health and fitness.



Programs are designed depending on your fitness level and the demands of your sport. As long as you have the desire to become YOUR BEST, you are invited to train with Powerful Athlete Training. We offer 1-on-1 personal training, small group training, and bootcamp fitness.

Call us today – 647-221-2551, or email dan@torquebarbell.com to get more information

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Phone: (647) 221-2551
Address: 253 Norseman St., Etobicoke.
Email: dan@torquebarbell.com

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