Address: 253 Norseman St. Toronto, ON.

Torque Barbell Club is proud to offer the highest quality equipment currently available to all our members. We emphasize the use of barbells and free weights, sleds and conditioning equipment. Furthermore, we are constantly adding new pieces to the gym, staying up-to-date as the fitness industry evolves.

Facilities and Amenities10812011_10203575046570516_1834182_n

  • Protein/Smoothie and shake bar
  • Couch/ high-table seating reception with coffee and TV’s
  • Changerooms – showers, lockers, washrooms
  • Monthly gym memberships
  • Specialized classes and programs (bootcamp, bodybuilding and bikini posing practice, summer sports camps, and many more)
  • Athletic and physical therapy, massage therapy – APPOINTMENT ONLY


    • Dumbbells and free weights
      • DB’s up to 200lbs (coming soon)
      • Thousands of pounds of Olympic plates
    • Multiple power racks with Olympic Lifting Platforms
    • Reverse Hyper Extension, Glute Ham-Raise
    • Specialty bars (Texas Power Bars, Texas Deadlift Bars, safety squat bars, hex bars, strongman equipment, and more)
    • Full line of cardio equipment
      • Stepmills, Treadmills, Upright and spin bikes, Rowing machines


Bootcamp and conditioning

    • Over 1000 sq ft of indoor field turf
    • Sleds, Prowler sleds, sand bags, agility ladders
    • Kettlebells
    • Warmup areas with foam rollers, yoga mats, stability balls, and an assortment of bands and tubing
    • TRX Suspension Training, Olympic rings
    • Plyo boxes, tractor tires, battle ropes, medicine balls, and lots more
  • Outdoor training area
    • Sprints, lunges, group fitness
    • Bring the equipment outdoors


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Phone: (647) 221-2551
Address: 253 Norseman St., Etobicoke.
Email: dan@torquebarbell.com

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