Exercise Index


  1. Dumbbell Overhead Press – Seated
  2. Dumbbell Overhead Press- Alternating
  3. Dumbbell Seated Rear Delt Raise
  4. Seated Shoulder Press Machine
  5. Standing Barbell Military Press
  6. Push Press
  7. Rear Delt Fly Machine
  8. Seated Behind The Neck Press
  9. Seated Shrug Machine
  10. Standing Barbell Shrug
  11. Standing Lateral Raise Machine
  12. Standing Lateral Raise DB
  13. Standing Front Lateral DB
  14. Seated Cable Row
  15. Standing Single Arm DB Row
  16. Kneeling Single Arm DB Row
  17. Wide Grip Pullup
  18. Neutral Grip Chinup
  19. Neutral Pulldown
  20. Barbell Row – Underhand
  21. Chest Supported T-bar Row
  22. T-bar Row
  23. Ring Row
  24. Behind The Head Curls
  25. Barbell Curl
  26. Preacher Curl
  27. Dips
  28. Single Arm Tricep Pressdown
  29. V-bar Pressdown
  30. Straight Bar Tricep Pressdown
  31. Tricep Rope Pressdown
  32. Straight Bar Cable Curl
  33. Ring Pushup


  1. 45 Degree Leg Press
  2. Vertical Leg Press
  3. Power Squat Machine
  4. Barbell Front Squat
  5. Barbell Deadlift (Conventional)
  6. Barbell Deadlift (Sumo)
  7. Stiff Leg Deadlift (Side View)
  8. Dumbbell Front Squat (Side View)
  9. Dumbbell Sumo Front Squat
  10. Hack Squat
  11. Seated Leg Extension
  12. Laying Hamstring Curl
  13. 45 Degree Back Extension
  14. Single Leg Squat (Back Foot Elevated)
  15. Walking Lunge
  16. Jump Lunge
  17. Cable Pull-Through (Side View)
  18. Calf Raise
  19. Jump Squat
  20. Box Jump
  21. Box Step Up
  22. Hip Thrust
  23. Kettlebell Swing


  1. Situp
  2. Crunch
  3. V-sit
  4. Bicycle Crunch
  5. Russian Twist (Obliques)


  1. Prowler Push High
  2. Prowler Push Low



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3 Month Update

Every 3 months I like to make a post to reflect on our training, client success, and set a plan of attack for the future.


On June 3rd, 2013 we moved into our brand new, fully equipped training facility located at 253 Norseman St. Etobicoke. After 31 days of renovations, the gym was fully functional and looked amazing.


The feedback we’ve been receiving about TORQUE BARBELL CLUB is amazing. People love the new gym and we couldn’t be happier with the move.

Just to clarify for those who may not know, I (Dan Petkovsek) also own TORQUE BARBELL CLUB which is a fully functioning gym with monthly memberships, specialized classes (bootcamp, kettlebells, TRX, athlete yoga..etc), and all the amenities (change rooms with lockers and showers, protein/smoothie bar, in-house athletic and massage therapy, nutrition seminars, and much more.

As for our training sessions and workouts, everyone’s been putting in a solid effort all off-season, and I wish everyone good luck with their up-coming seasons. A strong off-season equals a productive in-season. Some highlights include our weekly power sessions (tuesday & saturdays @ 1:30pm), our pre-training camp hockey testing, athlete bootcamps, and just generally all the new faces i’m seeing in the gym.




As for going forward, Powerful Athlete Training is looking to add more trainers and coaches to our staff so we can service even more athletes and fitness enthusiasts in, and around the GTA. If you or anyone you know is looking to make a career in the sports/fitness industry, feel free to contact me and we can discuss the opportunity.

I can’t say enough about how much I appreciate the support of all our members, friends, and family as we made the transition to the new facility.

If you haven’t already, you gotta come and check us out, get a tour, and get a workout in.

See you in the gym,

Dan Petkovsek

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CFL Global Exposure Combine

This past Saturday May 11th, Powerful Athlete Training teamed up with the professional football scouts at Instant Scouting to put on the first Global Exposure Combine in Canada.



Athletes from Canada and USA traveled Toronto to test their skills and show off their strengths. Powerful Athlete Training did all the standardized testing (40 yard dash, 225lb bench press, shuttle run, vertical jump, and the broad jump) and we finished the day with positional drills and route running.



The athletes did very well and we’re excited to see them make the jump to the pro ranks in the CFL and NFL.

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We’re Expanding!

Finally it’s time to drop the bomb on some big news!!


We’ve had lots of great times over the past 3 years at our current location, from 6am bootcamps, to our annual Deadlift Days, christmas parties, and everything in between. Gonna miss “The Shop” but its time to go bigger and better.

On June 3rd we’ll be open for training in our NEW LOCATION at 253 Norseman St. in Etobicoke (just a few streets south of our current location). We’re more than tripling our size, moving into a 7000 sq ft facility designed specifically with athletes in mind.

We’re opening as a full gym with monthly memberships, protein and smoothie bar, change rooms complete with showers and lockers, and LOTS more equipment. Here’s a brief list of some of the new equipment you can expect.

Nearly 2000 sq ft of indoor field turf
– Full line of Olympic Lifting Platforms
– Multiple squat racks, power racks, and benches
– Stepmills, treadmills, spin bikes, and lots more cardio
– Selectorized and plate loaded machines (Hammer Strength, leg presses, upper and lower body machines, shoulder press, leg ext/curls..etc)
Every bar you can imagine (cambered, texas power bars, safety squat bars, swiss bars..etc)
– Large bootcamp area complete with TRX Training, box jumps, tires, prowler sleds, battle ropes, kettle bells, and more

We’ll be adding more classes and programs to suit your needs (crossfit style bootcamps, spin, yoga, TRX, Fascia Stretching, posing practice and seminars for bodybuilders and figure competitors, hockey prep camps, just to name a few).

We’re looking to offer in-house sports and massage therapy, along with chiropractic and sports injury specialists.

More details to come over the next few weeks with pictures, updates, and pre-sale specials.

As you can tell, we’re pretty excited about this and you should be too, we’re building this place from the ground up to satisfy you – our athletes, members, and clients.

-Dan Petkovsek


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3 Tips to Increase Your Bench

A friend asked me the other day how to increase his bench, “I hit a plateau on bench, what do I change?” Here’s 3 tips to increase your bench press.


1. Overload – Use bands, chains, lockouts, and floor presses to use heavier weight than you normally use. Your body will adapt to the stress you put on it. Make sure you have a good spotter, and explain what you’re trying to do.

2. Check your form. Your feet should be planted firmly on the floor, your traps should be tucked tight, and your butt should be lightly touching the bench. Use leg drive and push through your HEELS to initiate the press. If your back starts to cramp up, your form is good. Seriously.


Think Jay Cutler only eats when he’s hungry? Think again.

3. EAT - You need to eat more. For the next 2 weeks double your portion sizes, add an extra meal, drink a weight gainer shake. Eat on a schedule. Whatever you need to do to gain weight. Remember that a huge part of training comes from what you do in the kitchen.

If you have any more questions, comment below or make a post on our Facebook page


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Texas Deadlift Bar Review (Buddy Capps)

Some people have been asking me what I thought about our new Texas Deadlift Bar made by Buddy Capps himself.

deaf5b328c4111e2a38422000a1f96a9_71 word. AMAZING.

I had previously used this bar once at a powerlifting competition where I set a deadlift PR, as well as in Ohio when I trained at Westside Barbell. The knurling on this bar is straight up awesome. It’s VERY sharp but it wont rip your hands (only if you drop the weight). We used it this past weekend at Deadlift Day 2013 and hit a few personal bests with it.

Being only 27mm, it’s slightly thinner than a regular Texas Power Bar meaning even if you have small or fat hands, your gonna be able to hold on. The longer bar is great for sumo pullers who like to get their feet out near the collars.


It costs a good amount of money, but in my opinion it’s money well spent. I figure this bar will outlive me, and I hope to live a good while longer. As a lifter who’s attempting to set National powerlifting records, it’s important to have good equipment. Cheaper bars bend, break, crack, and get warped meaning over 20 years, i’d probably need to buy at least 3-5 regular Olympic bars ($120 each) whereas this bar will last a LONG time.

If you’re interested in giving it a try, shoot me an email and i’ll let you know when our next deadlift workout is.

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CBC Hockey Nation Wrap Up

150479_490111147704972_1567985182_nFirst off I have to say how proud and happy I am that CBC selected Powerful Athlete Training to be a part of such a great program. CBC Hockey Nation is made up of a team of the top coaches and trainers across Canada, traveling coast to coast to provide Canadian communities with a hockey experience they will never forget.

We kicked off on Friday night with a coaching seminar with guest speakers such as Mike Keenan (former NHL coach), Ron Davidson (Team Canada – 1980 Olympics), Ron Ellis (Toronto Maple Leafs – Stanley Cup winner 1967), Kerry Goulet (Co-Founder of StopConcussions), as well as myself, Dan Petkovsek (Owner of Powerful Athlete Training). We presented to over 70+ coaches and parents to help them improve their coaching abilities.555129_490198981029522_1952946453_n

I spoke on the topic of dryland and off-season training for hockey players, as well as performance nutrition.

The following Saturday and Sunday Powerful Athlete Training ran off-ice dryland workouts for over 500 athletes. Everyone involved had a great time and we taught the athletes not only how to improve their hockey skills, but how to develop into well rounded athletes through proper nutrition, training, and understanding the importance of hard work both on and off the ice.

313330_490111804371573_581117870_nMy hats off to everyone involved with this tour, I’m already looking forward to being a part of it again next year.





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CBC Hockey Nation/ Hockey Night In Canada

Only 2 days until CBC Hockey Nation hits Toronto!

I’m excited and proud to announce that Powerful Athlete Training is joining up with CBC’s Hockey Nation, and Hockey Night In Canada during their stop in Toronto to provide off-ice dryland and on-ice skills training for youth and their coaches.

The weekend consists of a coaches symposium on the Friday where a group of former NHL coaches and Olympians, as well as myself (Dan Petkovsek) will discuss everything from coaching strategy, to in-season/off-season training, performance nutrition, Youth training, and lots more.

We’re giving over 500 athletes and 70 coaches a rare opportunity to train like the pro’s and get taught by some of the best.

The following two days we will be running on-ice skills and dryland workout sessions to give kids an authentic, professional training experience.

Looking forward to running a great program!


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Becca L. Wrestling Results

Congrats to #teamPAT athlete Becca Levitt on 2 great finishes (2nd and 3rd overall) to start off her 2012 wrestling season. She placed 2nd while competing in Montreal, and 3rd at McMaster University. Looking forward to some more great results this year.

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Stevan Latinovic Awarded Academic All-Canadian

Congrats to #teamPAT athlete Stevan Latinovic who plays Offensive Line for the University of Ottawa on achieving the award of Academic All-Canadian last year. A great athlete and great student.

Stevan #67

Steve is pictured here: Top-Left

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