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With the help from Dan and Powerful Athlete Training I witnessed my most successful strength, speed and explosion gains to date in my Professional Career. Playing pro football is all about speed and explosion and you can see how effective this training is when I can clear a 56″ tire. We put in the work to dominate on the field.
Tyler Scott – Edmonton Eskimos (CFL)

Powerful Athlete Training has become an important part to my development and my summer training. The training program is intense and covers all aspects of conditioning. I have learned the importance of training the body to work together. It’s a good feeling going into training camp ready to perform and that’s what Powerful Athlete Training has given me.
Daniel Pettersson – Olofstrom Steelers (Div 1 Swe)

Shout out to Power Athlete Training! Thanks for helping me reach my personal goals. You won’t find a trainer who pushes you as hard as PAT does! From creating fitness programs, to pushing you throw the toughest circuits you can imagine, Powerful Athlete Training does it all! Thanks for your unwavering commitment to help me achieve my goals! #RAISETHEBAR
Jamie L.

Bored of the weight routines? Spice up your training with fast pace circuits full of Prowler Sled Pushes/Pulls, Hanging Pushups, Tire Flips, & Battleropes. I LOVE Powerful Athlete Training!!
Krista Ford

Through Dannys dedicated style of training I was able to push myself and attain results that I once did not think possible. He makes every session fun and tailors the exercises to my personal fitness level and always takes into account my goals and where I want to be. I look forward to every session with Dan and even after flipping a huge tire 80 times, I still enjoy myself.
Tom A.

In under a year, Powerful Athlete Training has taken me from being a “gym rat” to a competitive athlete. My time in the gym has been made efficient to maximize my performance. I’m forever inspired by Dan’s coaching and his refusal to accept anything less than my full effort. With his guidance, I am always challenged to push the limits of my strength and mind.
Teneshia Samuel – Canadian Record Holder

What a Summer! – I really enjoyed the workouts and am looking forward to more punishment , oops I meant further excellent, positive and consistent workouts. See you in September
Pat C.

Dan is an expert with sports fitness who knows how to deliver while making workout fun. I have not only lost inches and pounds (25 pounds so far) but also regained and increased my fitness with him through a very structured program in the last few months. He makes the work outs fun, pushes me beyond my comfort zone and is always looking to adapt it to suit my requirements. I would recommend him to anyone looking to become fitter, lose weight or increase atheltism, endurance or strength or sports performance.
Amit K.

Bootcamp was awesome this summer! I actually found my abs again, which had been long lost since high school, and I had a lot of fun doing it. Dan is really great at motivating all of us to push ourselves each and every class. The workouts are challenging, fast-paced and keep your attention. Dan is able to adjust the workouts to suit everyones needs and is attentive to each individuals’ progress throughout the class. There is no yelling or screaming or intimidation and the classes are full of energy and support from Dan and the other “bootcampers.” This was a really fun way to do strength training and I would do again in a second!
Cristan B.

Powerful Athlete Training has helped me achieve goals that I never thought were possible. As someone who was not an experienced athlete, going to a big commercial gym intimidated me, but the P.A.T. private facility was very welcoming and Dan’s training methods helped me gain confidence in the workouts quickly. I recently ran a half marathon and could not have done so without Powerful Athlete Training. Thanks!
Lisa P.

With Dan’s help and guidance, I have been able to find and tune muscles I had forgotten I had! The importance of strength training is being recognized for not only combatting muscle atrophy, but also as part of your overall mind and body health. He tailors his workouts to your individual strengths and weaknesses to achieve great results. He also makes getting fit and strong fun as opposed having to dread going to another boring session.
John S.

Through Powerful Athlete Training, I am on the way to reaching my fitness goals. Dan makes each session challenging and varied. He is very knowledgeable about total body fitness, including targeting particular areas, working around injuries and nutrition. Dan has a very good sense of what each client is capable of, and knows when to push in order that they may achieve their full potential! Thank you, Dan!
Lisa F.

Dan is amazing! If you are looking to get in shape in a healthy and timely manner he is your man! he comes loaded with tips and tricks and a great exercise plan tailored to the individual.
Hayley C.

Since last spring, Dan has been working with my two sons (aged 12 and 16) as a personal trainer and fitness coach. And he is GREAT. He gives them a challenging and varied workout, paying particular attention to their safety and well-being in terms of the age-appropriateness of the activities, stretching, etc. He also offers a mix of routines and caters to their own, very different, sports interests and needs. He is polite, reliable, friendly, enthusiastic and very obviously loves what he does. His advice on nutrition and so forth is always sound. The boys think he is awesome and so do we!
Julie O.

Bootcamp is really great! I enjoyed working out outside and it was an awesome group to workout with this summer. Bootcamp is challenging, but you get to work at your own level and it’s a great mix of cardio, strength training and some great stretching. Dan is a fantastic trainer and really helps and encourages everyone to do their best. LOVED IT!!
Sue P.

Hats off to Dan and Powerful Athlete Training for making the return to fitness a fun, positive experience!
Judith C.

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