High Performance / Summer Conditioning Program

2015 HIGH PERFORMANCE PROGRAM/ Summer Conditioning Program

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Program starts May 19th – Aug 15th

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The 2015 High Performance Summer Program fees are:

$999 +HST paid in full (save $168)
$389 +HST at time of registration + 2 post dated checks (June 15, July 13)


  • 60 training sessions at Torque Barbell.
  • Workouts Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs/Fri between 4pm-6pm
    – Hill sprints & track days: TBD – usually Saturdays.
  • Maximum of 12 athletes per group with 2 coaches.
  • Performance testing
                – Baseline testing, midway, final testing at end of program.
  • Workouts last roughly 1hr – 1.5hrs.
  • Discounted pre/post workout supplements.
  • Free TBC gym membership included for the duration of training.
  • Performance nutrition guide


The 2015 Summer Conditioning Program fees are:

$597 +HST paid in full (save $47)
$199 +HST per booklet (each booklet is 1 phase)

Please note – this pricing is for the program booklets ONLY. It does not include any training sessions, gym memberships, or any other offers associated with the High Performance Program.

12 WeeksEach phase is 4 weeks

  • Phase 1 – Strength / power / sizePresident Cup Champions 20101006
  • Phase 2 – Cross training / strength
  • Phase 3 – Cardiovascular / cross training

Phase 1 – We want to build a strong strength and power foundation at the beginning of the summer and ride out its benefits over the remaining weeks when cross training and conditioning become the focus. The goal here is to gain back any weight lost during the season.

Phase 2 - Strength and power is still performed at the start of each workout, but the focus of the workouts now shift towards circuit / cross training, with more dynamic training such as battle ropes, tires, sledgehammers and sleds, along with barbells, dumbbells, and kettlebells.

Phase 3During this phase, strength and power training is still performed briefly each day, with full-body conditioning now at the forefront. Our main goal is to increase cardiovascular strength and conditioning.

Summer Hockey Camp

Summer Hockey Conditioning

We only have 12 spots available for this program – to reserve your spot – Email Dan Petkovsek  dan@torquebarbell.com

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